6 Etiquette Tips to Follow While Flying on a Private Jet

Flying on a Private Jet

So, you’re considering chartering a private jet to your next destination. Whether it is a private jet to Florida, a business meeting, or a bachelorette party, there are some important etiquette practices you should follow.

While flying privately is definitely a luxury that not many people experience, there are some rules and expectations that come with it. As someone who has never flown on a private jet, you’ll find this article extremely helpful!

Read on to learn proper etiquette when booking and flying on a private jet.

1. Book in Advance

Booking-flightYou’ve heard of stories about people booking a private jet and being off the ground in a matter of minutes. While this is possible for some customers with certain companies, this definitely isn’t the norm.

Depending on the company you decide to book with, you should give at least 12 hours notice. Some may require a few weeks to even months depending on the type of jet you would like to fly.

2. Dress Appropriately 

We’ve all been those travelers at the airport in our sweatpants and big t-shirts to aid in getting somewhat comfortable in those tiny, cramped seats. However, when you fly on a private jet, you’re expected to dress appropriately.

What does appropriately mean? Business or business casual attire is the perfect dress code when flying on a private jet. The better dressed you are, the more you’ll look and feel like you belong on this luxury jet.

3. Choosing Seats

there are no assigned seats when flying on a private jetUnlike flying on a commercial flight, there are no assigned seats when flying on a private jet. However, the etiquette rule to follow is to always allow the owner of the jet or the person who booked and is paying for the jet to board first. This allows them to choose their seat before anyone else.

It’s a way to show respect to your host.

4. Come Prepared 

Just as you would when you fly on a commercial flight, you should be prepared when flying on a private jet. This includes bringing your ID and travel documents. While you don’t have to check in at the gate, you will be asked for identification.

You should also be punctual when you arrive. Flying a private jet means having a flexible takeoff time, but you should still be considerate of the staff and pilot and arrive at the gate on time.

5. Limit Your Luggage

woman with LuggageAnyone who has flown before is no stranger to gouged prices for baggage. Luckily, on a private jet you don’t have to pay baggage fees. However, you do have a limit that you should abide by.

These limits are imposed mostly for weight and space on the plane. One benefit of flying privately is you don’t have to check your bag and can bring it on board with you.

6. Tipping is Appreciated 

If you’re wondering whether you should tip the aircrew and pilot helping you travel on the private jet, the answer is yes. Anyone who helps you with your luggage, works in the cabin, or gets you from point A to point B deserves a tip.

The amount is up to your discretion, of course.

Now that you’ve read the most essential etiquette tips you’re now ready to fly on a private jet!

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