6 Expert Tips on Getting Good TV Signal in Your Caravan

Getting Good TV Signal in Your Caravan

A road trip becomes all the more fun when you have 24/7 access to a TV signal. Being off the grid is good and all but watching TV news and shows every now and then makes road adventures all the more pleasurable. It’s the marrying of the best of both worlds that make it feel so fantastic. Because truly, it is one of the peak achievements of human technology that one can now easily travel from one spot to another without losing access to news, updated information, and entertainment shows. Watching TV under the stars in the middle of nowhere is something that all humans should experience at least once. Experiencing it will remind you that humans have indeed come a long way.

The problem with TV caravans though is they don’t get a good signal all the time. As most road trippers go to far-flung and unexplored places, some end up not having access to a TV signal at all. This should never be the case as there are numerous solutions available. With today’s advanced technology, you can now always have great TV signal reception whenever and wherever you may be. This article will discuss such solutions. We talked to experts and we’d enlist every possible solution that you could deploy to have 24/7 access to TV signals whenever and wherever you may be. 

6 Expert Tips on Getting Good TV Signal in Your Caravan

Expert Tip – 1: Study your environment

You will always have a hard time when it comes to receiving a TV signal if your caravan is parked near the following:

  1. Trees
  2. Tall buildings
  3. Any significant metal item
  4. Metal building

This is because the following can easily block digital and satellite TV signals. Parking in a valley can also affect your signal so it’s best if you’d park your caravan on a hilltop or on a place near a hilltop. Hence, the first thing that you should always consider is your location. You should always pick a spot that is free of anything that can block a satellite or digital TV signal. Pick a spot that will allow your caravan to get full and unobstructed access to a TV signal.

Expert Tip – 2: Adjust your antenna

If you’ve already secured a good environment to park your caravan and you’re still not getting any TV signal, then it’s time to do something with your antenna. Simply moving your antenna in the right direction can solve your problem. You simply always need to ensure that your antenna is facing the right direction. Do the following when adjusting your antenna:

  1. You should first extend it. Making it longer will improve its capacity to receive signals.
  2. After you’ve extended it, you should then gradually rotate it.
  3. Rotating should be done from side to side until you catch a good reception.

If you’ve tried doing everything in this tip and the previous tip and you’re still not getting any signal, then it’s time to move on to the next expert tip.

Expert Tip – 3: Use better cables

You should invest in good cables and a good antenna. Most antennas installed in old caravans are already outdated and can no longer catch as much reception. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of replacement.

If your antenna is duly updated and you’re still not getting any signal, then you should check your cables. Sometimes, it’s the cables that connect that antenna and the TV that simply causes the problem.

To ensure that you won’t have to worry about the two, it’s best to update both your cables and your antenna.

Experts highly recommend the following cables and antenna:

  1. Coaxial cables – these cables are good because they are heavily shielded. They come in different sizes so you won’t have a hard time looking for the ones that suit your current TV unit.
  2. HDMI cables – they can perfectly catch HD and 4K signals for high-quality TV viewing.
  3. Digital antenna – a digital antenna is best if you want to have clearer reception. They are superb because they can catch signals from as far as 70 miles away. With one, you could still have access to daily news and TV shows even if you’re so far away from the city.

Expert Tip – 4: Use a signal booster

For fantastic signal reception at all times, you can also invest in a signal booster. A signal booster will improve the signal that your antenna receives. Your reception would be so clear that you would think that you’re so close to a transmitter. With a signal booster, you’d always have clear and crispy reception even if you only receive a weak signal. With one, you won’t have to suffer from watching TV with pixelated images. Look for the most powerful signal booster if you’d be camping in an area with little to no TV signal at all. With a signal booster, you’d be amazed at how your caravan would still have access to TV even if you’re parked in a remote area.

Expert Tip – 5: Use a signal finder

signal finder for caravan

Having a signal finder will also be of great help. Sometimes, rotating again and again and trying your luck on weird angles simply just won’t work. To never have to deal with such hassle, you can simply use a signal finder. A signal finder will guide you as to which way to rotate your antenna to get the best possible signal.

Expert Tip – 6: Invest in a satellite dish

If your antenna simply won’t work, then you should opt for a satellite dish. A satellite dish is so powerful as it can catch available TV signals regardless of your location. You simply have to place it atop your caravan while parked far from a tree and you’d be free to enjoy non-stop crystal clear TV. When shopping for one, look for great quality caravan satellite dishes that are highly durable.

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