8 Best Hiking Spots in Europe

Best Hiking Spots in Europe

Hiking is a great way to soak in the picturesque sights that Europe has to offer, whether you’re looking for stunning mountain ranges, or you prefer a sea view – there’s something for everyone, no matter your ability. Europe is filled with some of the most amazing hikes, differing in length and difficulty. Whether you’re looking for Italy hiking tours, hiking tours in Scotland or the most famous Cinque Terre hike, there is bound to be a location to suit you! Read on as we look at 8 of the best hiking spots in Europe.

1.   El Camino del Rey, Spain

The first hike of 8 is set in the walls of a gorge in Malaga, Spain. The El Camino del Rey hike is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and on this hike, you’ll have to prepare yourself for walking through a narrow, steep gorge, which just so happens to be 100m in the air. But it’s not all scary, and there is a reason why this hike is one of the best in the world! Hikers can take advantage of a newly renovated, safe trail that is 7.7km long. Some spots have glass flooring so you can look down onto the spectacular green rivers that rush below. This hike comes with plenty of adrenaline and spectacular views from the cliffs and through forested paths.

2.   The West Highland Way, Scotland

It goes without saying that the Scottish Highlands are one of the best destinations in Europe if you love hiking. And the West Highland Way is one of the most iconic. You can take part in hikes of all lengths and difficulties, but this hike takes 5-10 days – so you’ll need to make a holiday out of it, or simply complete a section. This particular route starts from Milngavie near Glasgow and stretches 95 miles north into Scotland. Along this route, you’ll get to see Loch Lomond, Glencoe and onto Fort William. There are plenty of places to stay on the way, so you can get the most from one of the best hikes in the world.

3.   Tour De Monte Rosa, Italy

To stunning Italy, with a hike that comes with some of the best views in Europe. Whilst the full hike takes around 8-10 days, and the terrain can be difficult for beginners, navigating various icy and uneven grounds will seem like a breeze when you reach the gorgeous green alpine meadows, fairy tale forests in the valleys, and of course, the panoramic views of snowy mountain peaks. This is also one of the best hikes to a closer look at the Matterhorn in Zermatt. A tricky trail, but definitely rewarding.

4.   High Tatras, Slovakia

Heading to the High Tatras in Slovakia will see you trekking through one of the most idyllic locations in Europe, with over 100 lakes, stunning waterfalls and even wildlife to keep your eye out for – it’s a great place to see mountain goats! The area is protected within the Tatra National Park, and you can choose your own hike, whether you’re looking to be done within the day, or you’d like a few days to soak in your surroundings.

5.   Samaria Gorge, Greece

Another hike through a gorge but a little less scary for those that don’t have a head for heights, the Samaria Gorge hike in Italy takes you down from 1230 metres to walk alongside the Libyan Sea. With this hike, you’ll get to see vistas, historical Byzantine ruins, valleys, and streams to cool off in and makeshift wooden bridges to make your 16km hike a little more exciting. Towards the end of the hike, you will reach the famous Gate, where you will end the hike and reach the National Park. A picturesque way to see some of Greece’s rich history.

6.   GranParadiso National Park, Italy

Sitting in Northwest Italy’s Alps, this park has 70,000 hectares of flora and fauna to be seen on any of the hikes you choose to participate in around the Gran Paradiso. This location is perfect for anyone keen to see views of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. You can choose to hike easy routes or ascend the Gran Paradiso if you’re a more skilled hiker.

7.   Mount Triglav, Slovenia

This is just one of Solvenia’s many stunning hikes – with incredible views, Mount Triglav is nestled in the Julian Alps, and is one of the most popular in this country. It’s one of the more difficult spots to hike on the list, and those that aren’t experienced will find that taking an instructor with them will be a huge help. There are various other routes you can take like hiking from the Krma Valley to Triglav, which is one of the longest, but easiest hikes, with no steep terrain to navigate. Check out your options to find a route that suits you best.

8.   Cinque Terre, Italy

Last but not the least, this is one of the most beautiful hikes, filled with scenic views and as much coastal drama as you could possibly want. The Cinque Terra hike takes around 6 hours, so you can complete it in a day, stopping at some of the 5 picturesque fishing villages along the route. There are a few challenging paths around Vernazza and Monterosso, but the views will more than make up for it. Throughout the hike, you will have stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea – a truly unforgettable hike.

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