Best places to go for a family holiday


Family holidays have always been a part of a grounded family. A vacation with children is a great way to bond with them whilst also getting a chance to experience something new. You might visit the destinations that you have never visited or do activities that you have never done before. However with such busy schedules- not just of parents but also of most children today it can get quite taxing to sit down and decide on a destination, let alone plan and execute it. The choices are many- depending on what one wishes to do.

Off the beaten path


Sometimes, even with children in tow, one just wishes to lay low and relax. Greece is a great choice to consider for a family holiday on a budget. The country’s recent economic and financial stability have been a boon to tourists. The Greek islands with their beautiful beaches, sleepy coastal towns and delicious Mediterranean cuisine offer simplicity and relaxation to the entire family for about a fourth of the cost it would take to do the same in other Western European countries. Corfu is a favorite and attracts well over a million visitors every year- most of them families with children. One can just sit and unwind with the family. The kids can ride horses and go windsurfing all of which are well advertised.

If price isn’t a factor then the Maldives are another great option. The islands are brimming with lush tropical vegetation and the wildlife is incredible. Water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving are kid favorites and a fantastic way to unwind. The hotels on the islands go out of their way to accommodate children activities.

For the history buff


Most kids love history, perhaps the only subject that holds their interest more than paleontology(dinosaurs) and space. So, a vacation to an ancient ruin at that age might just keep them interested for life. A list of places to see when travelling with children must include a few historical locations. One should go along with one’s family. Your list of destinations could include many places but it’s always best to start with Italy.

To put it simply, Italy is a historian’s delight. Cities like Rome and Sicily are filled with ancient landscapes and ruins, not to mention world class architecture.  A visit to the ruins of Pompeii will fascinate children and parents alike and a good tour package to Italy often comes with guided tours for children. Morocco is another great country to visit with family. The capital Marrakesh is fast becoming a popular destination. The bazaar streets are bustling and everything one sees in those hapless Arabic fantasy movies like camel rides, snake charmers and fireball engulfing acrobats is on display there. It can be a great cultural experience and the kids are bound to love it.

Wildlife bonanza:


Kids love animals and there are a ton of options to choose from. Keeping this in mind, Canada is a country that can offer a lot . The self-driving safari is a road trip that winds through the snow-covered Rockies amidst awe inspiring landscapes. The tour sets off from the coastal city of Vancouver and covers two major national parks-the Wells Gray Provincial Park and Jasper National Park. On the way one can chance upon grizzly bears, moose and bald eagles. Other activities like white water rafting and mountain biking are also on offer. The Galapagos islands are another fantastic option for wildlife enthusiasts, though a bit on the costlier side. Galapagos doesn’t usually feature on a list of places to see when travelling with kids but it is probably the most famous wildlife-watching destination in the world. There are animals on the archipelago unlike any other place on Earth. They are known to be fearless and inquisitive. The island consists of lush green highlands and tropical beaches and even active volcanoes.

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