Dinner in the Dark: Sensory Experience at Dans le Noir in Paris

Dans Le NoirEvery wanted to eat dinner in the pitch dark? Well, here’s your chance.

Dans le Noir? restaurants in Paris, London and Moscow offer a truly unique sensory experience by creating an atmosphere where diners sit and eat in a completely pitch black restaurant dining room. The waiters at Dans le Noir? establishments are also experts when it comes to being in the dark – they’re all blind.

So does it work? Is it true? Are your sense of taste, sound, feel and smell heightened when you take away sight? These are all part of the “Dans le Noir?” experience. Read on to find out what a typical dinner is like!

The “Dans le Noir?” Experience

Be sure to make reservations 1-2 weeks in advance as bookings are often full. When you walk in, a seeing-able host will explain to you what will happen. They will take your order – a choice of a variety of different “surprise” menus.

Each surprise menus is geared towards those with different dietary needs. Surprise Green is for vegetarians while Surprise Blue offers a no-meat meal. Surprise Red offers a menu with no fish, no sea food and no shell fish. Finally, Surprise White offers everything and anything. You can also order a 2 course (starter and main or main and dessert) or a 3 course meal (starter, main, dessert). Any other dietary requirements or allergies are also met.

Be careful what you choose. One patron ended up eating what she thought was lamb. After the meal, the waiter gave her a copy of the menu which outlined that the meal was in fact – kangaroo.

Dans Le Noir LoungeAfter your order is taken, your phones, cameras, bags and purposes will be put in a locker so that no light will get into the restaurant and so that there is no clutter for the waiters and other patrons. You will then be introduced to your waiter or waitress who will lead you into the dining room. They will be more than just your waiter during dinner, but act as your guide to the experience. For tips on how to eat to getting help to find the bathroom (which is downstairs, in a lit area!), you will have to trust your waiter in a very dependent way than most sight-able people are used to.

The meal will last anywhere from 1-2 hours – but it is guaranteed to be one of the most sense-blowing (literally!) few hours you’ll ever experience. Most people first try to use cutlery but quickly abandon the method since most find that it is very difficult to see where to put your fork. Thus, it creates a real hands on experience as many result to using their hands to eat.

Dans le Noir? Restaurants

The Dans le Noir? restaurants were founded by Edouard de Broglie and Etienne Boisrond with the support of the Paul Guinot Foundation for Blind People. More than just an average restaurant, the Dans le Noir? restaurants focus on understanding the senses in a very different way than the average restaurant.

With a goal of challenging and forcing the average person to question his/her reliance on their senses, it’s more than just a meal without the lights! The first restaurant was established in Paris in 2004, other locations were built in London in 2005 and Moscow in 2006.

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