How do You Find a Job When Travelling to Australia

Find a Job When Travelling to Australia

Australia is one of the most remote, yet fascinating and highly developed countries in the world. Endowed with several natural wonders, a picturesque landscape, dazzling Australian beaches, and cosmopolitan metropolises, it’s quite easy to understand why Australia makes a captivating travel destination. However, for people that want to visit the country, living expenses can become pretty high, thanks to the high standard of living. Luckily, there are several ways in which visitors can find a job when traveling to Australia. In the post, we’re going to explore just five tips to help with that.

1. Preparation is Key

visa is approvedCertain things have to be set in place to ensure that the transition into finding gainful employment is seamless once the person arrives in Australia.

First, and most importantly, a ‘working holiday visa’ must be secured. This is a year-long visa type that allows a person to work and travel around Australia.

Once the visa is approved, then getting a Tax File Number (TFN) is important before commencing work. Failure to do so can cause a person to get taxed a massive 46.5%.

Finally, opening a bank account is also important.

2. Work with The System

Australia is very fond of rules, that’s why having a pretty good idea of the required licenses for a job position will be helpful. For instance, before a person can work in a bar or any other place where alcohol is served, they need to get Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training.

On the other hand, for a person looking to work on a construction site, a ‘white-card’ is required, as well as a day of safety training.

3. Have an Up-to-Date and Aussie-Ready Resume

person with Aussie-Ready Resume

Many backpackers tend to overlook having an updated and Aussie-Ready resume. However, it’s very important in the job hunt process. A good resume should contain the person’s contact information, like Aussie phone number and email. It should also highlight experiences that are relevant to the role. Carefully proofreading the resume will prevent grammatical blunders and spelling errors.

As part of your resume, remember to obtain a police clearance certificate.  An Australian criminal history check is required for most work roles.

4. Surf the Web

Thanks to the Internet, finding a job in Australia can’t get any easier. Hundreds of sites dedicate themselves to listing job openings for casual work. Some do require a small subscription fee while others are entirely free.

Popular online job search engines in Australia include Seek, Jora, and Career One. For short-term jobs or contract roles, having a working holiday visa is advantageous because such employers prefer a temporary worker.

5. Put Yourself Out There

Volunteer network

A great way of finding a job in Australia is by having a strong network. That’s why job seekers should get involved with the locals, culture, and maybe even start volunteering.

This helps to develop a robust network of friends and acquaintances, with connections to job opportunities all over the city. It’s even possible to find one that will recommend a one for a job.


Working while on a trip to Australia is a fun experience because it allows a person to interact with the culture while making money along the way. By keeping these items in mind, finding a job when traveling to Australia should be a piece of cake.

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