How To Organize A Luxurious Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is a challenge. The couples have so many options that many times they do not know where to begin. However, we have good news.

First, there is no wrong way to have a wedding. Even if your idea of luxury is not the same as someone else’s. It is your wedding and you should have it your way. Second, there is help. Technology is only as far away as your laptop or smartphone.

Below you will find a list that we created just for you. This will help you begin and give you a few tips to make your special day perfect.

Make a budget

This is the very first step and it is vitally important. You must make a budget in order to plan your wedding. Decide upfront how much will be spent on the essentials and work together to stay within that budget.

Hire a wedding planner

This is not a luxury, it is a requirement. You cannot carry out all the duties of the bride and take care of all of the other details as well. You will not have time to follow-up with vendors, negotiate prices, and make a backup plan if someone is a no-show. In addition, consider hiring a wedding bus rental in Toronto since it’s a convenient way to transport your guest to your reception venue.

Decide on a guest list

Before you select a venue, hire a caterer, or select a cake, you need to have an idea of how many people are going to attend. Remember, more is the money you use from your budget for guests, the less money you will be having for the ceremony. You might start with a “must have” list and a “maybe add” list. You can narrow it down as you begin to figure your expenses.

Gowns matter

Many brides find it helpful to select their gown before they select their venue. Wedding industry leaders, Azazie found out that very often a bride falls in love with a gown but selects another because it does not fit in with the wedding venue.

For example, if the gown that she loves is diamond white, with a long train, she will have trouble wearing it in a barn wedding setting. Of course, they will help her select a gown that is similar, but it will not be her dream gown.

You will have best results if you buy bridesmaids dresses from the same gown shop. They will be more suited to show you bridesmaids dresses that compliment the wedding gown.

Once you select the venue and decide on a menu, your wedding planner can help you find the right companies to set up your wedding.

Consider resort hotels. They often have luxurious accommodations including tasteful wedding halls, bars with professional bartenders, chefs, and bakers and they can offer you a package deal.

Exit in style

If you want to have the perfect ending for your wedding and the perfect beginning for your honeymoon, have your limo take you to your chartered private jet to depart for your honeymoon. You will find some great prices on one-way flights and return home via commercial airline. Of course, check with the jet company. If you are going to a popular destination, they may go there often and if they have a one-way flight near your return date, you can pick up a great deal on the deadhead flight back home. You would need to be a bit flexible, but the luxury treatment is well worth the effort. You can get more details here.

If you use these basics, you will be able to pull together a lovely destination wedding with all the frills while staying within your budget.

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