In search of the best macarons in Paris, France

Forget bouquets of flowers or roses when you can give a girl a white paper bag of Parisian macarons.

Not macaroons, the American-style pineapple-cookie-treat – the French macaron: delicate almond meringue cookies sandwiched together with some sort of deliciously-flavoured ganache.

Best macaron shops & patisseries in Paris, France

So what’s the big deal?  Even though they’ve been around since the 700’s, these confections are as hard as heck to make and they’re an obsession in Paris, Tokyo, and London.  So if you’re in Paris, here are a few patisseries with some of the city’s best macarons:

Laduree (75 avenue Champs-Elysees) is considered the birthplace of the modern Parisian macaron, created by Pierre Desfontaines in the 1830’s.  Today the patisserie serves up these elegant treats from their shop on the ritzy Champs Elysees.

Pierre Herme (72 rue Bonaparte) – As Laduree is the maker of the original Parisian macaron, Pierre Herme is largely considered today’s best macaron shop for its inventive flavours like Izpahan: rose, raspberries & lychees. 

Sadaharu Aoki (56 boulevard de Port Royal) brings an Asian flair to the Parisian macaron and pastry scene.  On a recent trip, the macarons here were delicate, extremely flavourful, and the perfect texture – definitely my favourite macaron in Paris. 

Other places not-to-miss for macarons:

  • Le Notre (36 avenue La Motte Picquet)
  • Gerard Mulot (93 rue de la Glaciere)
  • Dalloyau (Place Edmond Rostand)

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