Off Beat

Goodbye Hooters, Las Vegas

In March 2008, Hooters Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was put on sale to be renovated, renamed and rebranded into a new Boutique Hotel. Goodbye orange shorts!

Baracoa, Cuba Turns 500 Years in 2011

Baracoa, Cuba turns 500 in 2011. Find out the history behin Columbus’ landing, the El Yunque Mountains and celebration plans. Get great last minute deals to Cuba, too!

Toronto Tourism Booming

2007 was a record-breaking year for Toronto’s Tourism industry, reports Tourism Toronto. Over 10 million travellers visited Toronto and spent $4.5 billion. Find out more. .

Australia Issues Warning for Travel to Canada

In Jan 2008, Australia upgraded the risk of travel to Canada from a level 1 to level 2 risk due to possible terrist attack, heavey snowfalls, windchill, avalanches, earthquakes and tornadoes. Silly?

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