Tips for businesswomen to travel smart, safe and light

It is difficult enough as it is to get ready in less than an hour for an evening out; now you have to look good with limited resources and restricted time? Being a businesswoman is demanding in and of itself, never mind the obstacles encountered when traveling for this business meeting to meet with that client. Traveling takes its toll, more so when you have to be presentable and energised through it all. Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some tips for the high-flying businesswoman:

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Travel Smart

Just because you are doing business, travel does not always mean you get to travel business class. Most airlines offer frequent flier programmes to help you save money or earn points towards free flights. This is not to say that you should only stick to one airline; before booking your ticket compare the prices of various airlines to make sure you get the best price or the best deal. Prices vary according to the flight destination, which class you fly in, how far in advance you book your ticket, the time of year that you plan on flying and even what time of day you will be flying at. Obviously, the times that no one wants to fly at will be the cheapest times, but if you really want to save a buck, you might just have to take that 4am flight.


Be prepared

When traveling for business, there is nothing worse than checking a bag in and then realising too late that you packed something in it that you need to go over in the plane; or turning on your laptop in another country and realising you forgot the charger; or bringing your laptop charger and noticing that it does not fit the wall plug; or packing summer clothes and not being prepared for that one freakishly cold day when you have a meeting, so you stand there shivering and stuttering in front of the clients. Pack enough clothes, keep the essentials and necessary items in your carry-on luggage so that it is with you at all times, and make sure you bring the correct adaptors.

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Travel Safe

Just to be safe, do not leave your bags unattended at the airport and do not accept a stranger’s request to have you look after their luggage while they disappear somewhere. If you check in any bags, make sure you secure it with a lock to prevent anyone from opening it. If you are carrying a handbag or hand luggage, make sure the zips are all closed, so that no one could take anything from your bag or put anything in it when you are not looking. Be sure to carry cash with you in case you need it and there are not any credit card facilities. If you need to exchange currencies, do so in advance because the exchange rates are drastically increased at the airport.


Be Wise

When traveling long distances, it can have damaging effects on your physical health. Sitting for a long time is bad for your blood circulation. Whenever you get the chance, stand up and walk down the plane’s isle to get the circulation going. If you are in a window or middle seat, making it difficult to get out as much, you can do some subtle exercises in your seat like alternating between your toes and your heals or stretching your legs under the seat in front of you. Stay hydrated and snack often to keep your energy and blood sugar levels at a reasonable amount. If you do not have to go over anything in the plane in terms of an upcoming presentation or other preparations, sleep, it will do you some good to rest before any business-related activities.

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Travel Light

There are a number of restrictions placed on air travel owing to recent violations, threats, and dangers to pilots and passengers. Make sure you check the amount of liquids you can take on the plane, what containers they need to be in and what snacks you can take with or what currency you need in order to purchase items in the airport or on the flight. Stay under the luggage weight limit and check how many bags you are allowed to take.


If you are a businesswoman and have to travel frequently overseas, here are some tips to travel smart, safe and light.

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