Top five restaurants with best scenic view across globe

Pleasant tones, royal graphics and relaxing chairs give restaurants elegance, while dishes prepared by most experienced chefs tickle the taste buds of visitors. However, the showstopper at these elegant restaurants is their jaw dropping views. From Pacific Ocean view of Sierra Mar to picturesque hills of France, these locations will just leave you short of words. Here are some of the best restaurants that will take you to a different world.

Asiate, New York City

1. Asiate, New York City

Eye catching view: – Asiate is a restaurant in Hotel Mandarin Oriental. Its windows are 16 feet high that allows you have a view of Manhattan’s marvels. From the dining room on the 35th floor, you can have a view of city, while keeping you far away from the hassles of city.

The food: – The chief chef Toni Robertson here serves a range of Asian dishes and classical flavors of French cuisine. You can try citrus sabayon along with duck with hibiscus.

Tip: – If you are visiting the restaurant for snacks or lunch or evening tea, then try its 35th floor dining area. It will present you a breathtaking sight.

Ambrosia, Greece

2. Ambrosia, Greece

Eye catching view: – Situated on the verge of volcanic crater of Santorini, this restaurant of Oia village has tables on terrace that give you an ecstatic view of the blue water sea. It is surrounded by sea from one side and rock rims on other with a slight elevation of volcanoes.

The food: – Most famous and liked dish of this restaurant is baby calamari along with salmon tartar with grapefruit and lemongrass. Lamb cutlets with mint sauce are just amazing.

Tip: – If you want to sit in the open, then April to October are the best months to enjoy the weather as well as scenery. If you want to enjoy a seat on terrace then you have to book table one month prior to arrival.

Rosellinis, Italy

3. Rosellinis, Italy

Eye catching view: – Terrace seats at Rosellinis give you an amazing view of cliffs along with Amalfi coast, where you can see fishing boats 1000 feet below in the glittering sea. If you are sitting inside then only way to have the amazing view of outside is to sit on window table, else you will miss the scenic beauty.

The food: – At Rosellinis you will get Italian menu with local ingredients. Some good dishes served in the restaurant are amberjack with roasted artichoke and potato salad served in combination with many sauces.

Tip: – If you are looking for lunch or afternoon tea, then this place is not for you, as Rosellinis serve only dinner and is open only between the months of March and October. If you want a terrace table with nice views then come early because tables are booked on first come, first serve basis.

Le Jules Verne, Paris

4. Le Jules Verne, Paris

Eye catching view: – City of Light, Paris has a unique gem Le Jules Verne whose perch is on the level of Eiffel tower. You can enjoy ecstatic view of city from 410 feet.

The food: – The menu shows a good reflection of classic traditions of France with a modern touch. Renowned chef Alain Ducasse’s subordinates bring you the classic food. Sea bass is cooked with little splash of cream to intensify the flavor. You can enjoy original French wine here.

Tip: – Reservations are fast here, so it is better to book in advance online.

Eagle’s Eye Restaurant, Canada

5. Eagle’s Eye Restaurant, Canada

Eye catching view: – To reach Eagle’s Eye restaurant of British Columbia, you have to sit tight in a 15-minute ride that lifts you to 7,700 feet. From the top in the dining room you can enjoy your food, while enjoying a view of snow covered peaks and Rocky Mountains.

The food: – Chief Chef Alain Soret brings you the ecstatic French flavors with local beef along with British wines.

Tip: – If you want to have dinner with your loved ones, the Fireside tables are ideal for it. During spring season, you can enjoy the panoramic view of snow. You can enjoy dinner in this restaurant through June to October and from December to Easter.


Restaurants are generally seen as place having tables with dramatic views. With the evolution in global dining industry, you can have ecstatic natural view along with the best food both at a single place.

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