What’s the Difference Between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon Tours?

What’s the Difference Between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Once you arrive in Page, Arizona, and visit the Antelope Canyon Visitor Center, you’ll have to decide which Antelope Canyon tour you want to take. Do you want to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon tour or the Upper Antelope Canyon tour? What’s the difference between the two tours? In this article, we’ll compare Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon tours so that you can decide which one is best for your own personal interests and schedule preferences. We’ll also give our recommendation on whether to visit Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon based on our own experiences.

How Are They Different?

Lower Antelope Canyon

So what’s so different about Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon tours? The difference between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon is spectacular views. Though both offer incredible views of swirling sandstone walls, they each have a distinct point of view. Visit the lower canyon first to experience a sense of expansive perspective, but then visit the upper canyon to look down upon its curves from above. Each of these scenic views is special and can’t be seen anywhere else in the world!

Things to Know Before You Go

Navigating through Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon is pretty easy. All it takes is a little knowledge, common sense, and some preparation before you head out to tour either canyon. The tours are self-guided, which means no reservations are required before you head out to tour either one of these canyons. But with each comes its own set of pros and cons that every traveler should know about before venturing into either canyon. Before you decide, it may be a good idea to look into the best antelope canyon tour to get the most information to help you decide (if you have to pick one or the other).

How to Get There

Upper Antelope Canyon

Lower and upper antelope canyon tours can be accessed from Page, Arizona, a small town on Interstate 40. This is easily accessible from Las Vegas and Phoenix. If you are coming from either of these places to tour Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon, your easiest option is to rent a car for a few days and drive yourself to Page. It’s about three hours each way by car. While these tours aren’t cheap (tickets cost upwards of $100), if you have time and money you should consider getting there via plane. Several daily flights from Phoenix to Page can save you both time and money on transportation and are well worth it if flying isn’t out of your comfort zone.

Which one takes longer to tour?

It is also important to note that it takes longer to tour Upper Antelope canyon than Lower Antelope canyon. It is best to plan a full day around touring Upper Antelope canyon if you want to avoid feeling rushed. If possible, try visiting one canyon in the morning and another in the afternoon so you can explore all of your options with ample time to spare. Just be sure not to double book yourself on two tours, or else you’ll risk having a less than ideal experience because of your schedule limitations or exhaustion. Also, lower sections of each tour are very close together; if you have reservations for both tours at once, you may have some difficulty coordinating transportation from one tour’s starting point back to that same point for your second tour.

When you’re booking your tour, keep in mind that both Antelope Canyons are stunning. The Lower Canyon offers an up-close and personal experience with narrow walkways, sheer walls, and fun photo ops; it’s a must-visit if you have time to see only one side of Page.

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