Five best Hollywood locations you must visit

Limone sul Garda view through stone window from hill, Garda lake in Lombardy region of Italy

Some of the best masterpieces of world cinema are a product of Hollywood. Big blockbusters and bigger names have emerged from this dreamland. But it isn’t just the movies that have made Hollywood so popular. Truth be told, Hollywood is an amazing place and the audience’s eyes pop out because of its elite and ecstatic locations. It is an entertainment hub involving some locations that we can’t even imagine. These locations day by day are taking the Hollywood industry to completely new heights. Here are some of the best Hollywood locations that you must visit once in your lifetime.

Charles Bridge, Prague – Mission Impossible

Charles bridge and the skyline of Prague, Czech RepublicTom Cruise’s thriller film was shot in Prague. After the mission failed, Jon jumped into the river from the Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is the most famous and oldest historic bridge of Prague over Vltava River. The bridge replaced the Judith Bridge in 1342, which was destroyed by a flood. This 621-meter long bridge is the only way to cross the Vltava River. Supported by 16 arches and 3 towers, it is among the best samples of Gothic architecture and art. This iconic bridge has 30 statues of saints that are all replicas of originals. The real statues are secured in the Lapidarium museum. Many of the statues here are the excellent work of Bohemian artists. From the bridge, you can have an amazing view of Prague. The bridge is always full of pedestrians and vendors.

Villa del Balbianello, Italy – Casino Royale

Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como, Como, Italy, Lombardia regionYou must have always noticed the exotic location in 007 Bond movies. Here is one of the most exotic locations of Bond movies. It is about 15 miles away from Lake Como’s shore at the tip of the peninsula.

Constructed in 1787, this villa was owned by Porro-Lambertenghi’s family. Today the previous owner of the villa, the renowned explorer Guido Monzino had kept a vast collection of African, Chinese art along with elegant French and English furniture. The villa also has a museum with his mementos and documents. The unique eye-catching part of the villa is the terrace garden that gives you the panoramic view of the beautiful location.

Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones, was also shot here. The current owner of villa FAI- Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano lends the villa on rent and opens it for the public to have a view of this ecstatic villa.

Lake Garda, Quantum of Solace – one of the best Hollywood locations

Limone sul Garda view through stone window from hill, Garda lake in Lombardy region of ItalyAnother exotic location of the James Bond series “Quantum of Solace” is Lake Garda. You must have remembered the car chase where Daniel Craig was delivering Mr. White. It is shot along the Lake Garda in Italy.

Garda Lake is the largest lake in Italy and most of its part is surrounded by the scenic hills having a very pleasant climate. The calm environment, moderate climate and lush vegetation having palms, orange trees, and lemon groves make this place so majestic that it makes it one of the most charming and cultural parts of Italy. At Lake Garda, tourists have unique spots to camp, relax along with the thrill and advantage of exploring new places. You can enjoy your holidays with the best scenic view in Italy.

Jekyll Island, Georgia – X-Men First Class

Jekyll-Island-GeorgiaJekyll Island was solely bought by targeting to be an exclusive place for the nation’s most elite families. The island has a lot of wildlife, including reptiles, mammals, and birds.  The island is full of lush forest and oaks. You can easily spot whitetail deer, egrets, and herons. The sea here consists of a vast variety of water species including shellfish and much seasonal fish.

On the Jekyll Island Club, you can enjoy boating along with fishing. It also has a beautiful golf course and a tennis court. Major tourist spots here are the Turtle Center, Amphitheatre, Wharf marina.  This island also has a private airport Jekyll Island Airport for private jets. Now we know why this is one of the best Hollywood locations out there.

Turtle Bay, Hawaii – The Pirates of the Caribbean 

Turtle Bay

Hawaii is always among the favorite tourist spots and holiday destinations where tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean with the lush fauna. Do you remember the famous Jack Sparrow from “The Pirates of the Caribbean”? Most of the island shooting of this movie was done at Turtle Bay Resort of Hawaii.

Turtle Bay is Hawaii’s most famous tourist destination. It serves a wide range of interests for golfers, families, and some amazing snowbird species. This resort gives you a beautiful view of ocean waves with clear sky at night and all excellent amenities.


If all your life while watching movies you wondered that what an amazing place it is, then it’s your lucky chance to witness these locations. So pack your bags and sit tight for amazing Hollywood tour.

But before you go…

Check out these amazing cities around the world which movie directors just can’t stop loving. Movie makers have time and again chosen these cities are the backdrop to their cinematic masterpieces, If you cannot afford a trip to Hollywood, do try to visit these cities at least once in your lifetime. Who knows, you might actually be currently living in one:

Most-loved cities of movie directors around the world

New York City, USA

Madison Square Garden, New YorkPlaces like New York have been the first choice of many directors. Great movies like Sex and The City, Home Alone: Lost in New York, and more recently, the Avengers were made here. Some movies even spread the fame of this city to further corners like Godzilla and Limitless, Superman, Men in Black, King Kong, and Leon: the Professional.

North Carolina, USA

North Carolina,

The lush green fields with wild trees on the other side are turning this area the brand new favorite place for the directors to shoot major projects. Some of the examples are Bull Durham, The Last of the Mohicans, and Dirty Dancing. But the movie which grabbed attention in recent times is “The Hunger Games.”

London, UK

LondonLondon is the most popular place in England as well as the United Kingdom. Even with its deep history, the city can attract the film industry with the charm and all the historical palaces. No doubt, London has been the favorite place for the film shooting. Some of the most remarkable movies like Sherlock Holmes and V for Vendetta have been based in London. Viewers love the romance portrayed in Notting Hill.

New Zealand

New ZealandFew people had an idea about the landscapes and the actual beauty of this oceanic country until Peter Jackson made the movie “The Lord of the Rings” followed by The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and now, The Hobbit. The tourism department is happy with this miracle and the viewers are happy to see some brilliant movies like them.



Thailand gives images of relaxing vibes and beautiful landscapes. But who knew that Thailand could be this crazy? The Bond movie“The Man with the Golden Gun” and Danny Boyle’s “The Beach” showed the world how beautiful Thailand can actually be, but “The Hangover: Part 2” showed how fun it can be.

Almeria, Spain


When Steven Spielberg came to this place with Indiana Jones and the idea of “The Last Crusade” nobody had an idea what he was about to do. What he made was even beyond imagination at that time. Now that is how we remember Spain.

These locations were always amazing as we saw them in these movies. All we need to find “the” perfect location just to change the way we look at things.

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